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By Brian David Johnson

When businesses increase a brand new know-how, do they ask the way it may have an effect on the folk who will truly use it? That, roughly, sums up Brian David Johnson’s tasks as Intel’s futurist-in-residence. during this attention-grabbing booklet, Johnson presents a suite of technology fiction prototyping tales that try and solution the question.

These tales specialize in a similar subject matter: scientists and thinkers exploring own robotics as a brand new kind of synthetic intelligence. This isn’t fanciful hypothesis. Johnson’s tales are according to Intel’s futurecasting learn, which makes use of ethnographic box experiences, know-how learn, pattern info, and technological know-how fiction to improve a realistic imaginative and prescient of shoppers and computing. twenty first Century robotic offers technology fiction designed to result in technology fact.

Get actual perception into know-how and the long run with this booklet. it is going to open your eyes.

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How about Jimmy,” Yu said. “I once had a goldfish with big ol’ eyes like that. His name was Jimmy. ” Egerton stood next to Yu and looked down at Jimmy. The little bot looked back. “You have no idea what happened, do you, Dr. ” Yu asked flatly. ” “No,” Egerton answered. ” THE LONELINESS OF THE LONG-DISTANCE ROBOT | 17 DeutchConn Fab 5, Load Dock: 5 Hours to Reboot Jimmy looked small and out of place in the massive loading dock. Randall and the cargo hauler, the Chen-Ming, had returned from a quick trip past the moon, ferrying away Yu’s subcontractors.

He says that you said the bot killed itself. ” Egerton was amazed at the delicate ballet between the massive shuttle and the even more massive station. He saw them as two gigantic robots slowly dancing into an embrace. ” “Build another one,” Egerton said, moving to the opening cargo doors as they revealed a stunning landscape of gleaming robots. THE LONELINESS OF THE LONG-DISTANCE ROBOT | 15 DeutchConn Fab 5, HCI Lab: 10 Hours to Reboot Egerton ran his finger slowly underneath the newly completed bot’s neck and gently turned it on.

Shanwei laughed, sure he hadn’t heard the intense doctor correctly. “Did you just…” “Yes,” Egerton cut in. ” Shanwei stepped back away from the door. “We’re all just curious. ” Egerton wasn’t listening to Shanwei. “Why would he do this? It’s like he wanted to melt everything…” Realizing Egerton was in his own world, Shanwei turned and left the lab. Egerton never looked up from the bot. ” Yu asked as they watched the shuttle carrying the new robots dock with the station. ” Egerton asked. “One of my subs told me,” Yu replied.

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