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By Ian Ridpath

Astronomy is increasing virtually as speedily because the universe itself, and the proliferating clinical jargon can occasionally baffle even the main committed novice. Now, in a few 4,000 concise, updated entries, this dictionary cuts a transparent course in the course of the maze of complicated technical language, providing complete, transparent definitions drawn from all features of astronomy. Compiled through Ian Ridpath, a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, and a professional workforce of participants, A Dictionary of Astronomy comprises the newest entries from astrophysics and cosmology to galaxies and time.
listed here are succinct definitions for the large Bang idea, comets, eclipses, Magellanic Clouds, Mars, quasar, relativity, and variable stars. Entries on telescopes and different measuring units, observatories, area missions, and lately named sunlight process items express how astronomers have explored the universe. The Dictionary additionally presents biographical entries on eminent astronomers from Copernicus to Edwin Hubble.
From black gap to white dwarf, and from spiral galaxies to sun waves, A Dictionary of Astronomy opens a window at the universe for newbie astronomers all over the place.

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Y. away. An alternative name is Sirrah. Alrescha The star Alpha Piscium, also spelt Alrischa. 2, with an orbital period of about 900 years. 8. Alshain The star Beta Aquilae. y. away. al-Sufi See under SUFI. 77, the twelfth-brightest star in the sky. y. away. Altair forms one corner of the so-called Summer Triangle of stars, completed by Deneb and Vega. html (1 of 2) [9/29/2007 7:47:12 PM] Document altazimuth mounting A method of mounting a telescope so that it can pivot up and down (in altitude) around one axis and horizontally (in azimuth) around the other axis.

Alpha2 Canum Venaticorum star A type of main-sequence, extrinsic variable star; abbr. ACV. , accompanied by changes in the strengths of the spectral lines and the magnetic fields. 5 days to more than 160 days. The spectra (B8p-A7p) exhibit abnormally strong lines of silicon, strontium, chromium, and rareearth elements. ) variations superimposed on the fluctuations caused by the rotation. Alphecca The star Alpha Coronae Borealis, also spelt Alphekka and also known as Gemma. 4 days. The two stars are dwarfs of spectral types A0 and G5.

The waves are named after H. O. G. *Alfvén. See also MAGNETOHYDRODYNAMICS. y. away. Algenib is also an alternative name for the star *Mirfak (Alpha Persei). Algieba The star Gamma Leonis. 5. y. away. Algol The star Beta Persei, the first eclipsing binary to be discovered. Algol was found to be variable in 1669 by the Italian astronomer and mathematician Geminiano Montanari (1633–87), but the period was first determined by J. *Goodricke in 1782–3. 8673043 days, although the period has varied slightly.

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