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By W. Arthur Young, John H. McGivering (auth.)

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Captive, The' (519) : the poet meets a prisoner who does not rail against his captivity. Carboy Gin : a Guinea cook. 'The Ballad of Fisher's Boarding-House'. Cardiff Mate, a : 'the mate of a Cardiff collier will eat clinkers to save waste' (McPhee). "Bread Upon the Waters". Carleton : a former master at the Coli. A Little Prep. Carlini : Musical director at the Trefoil when 'Dal Benzaguen sang The Song. The Village that Voted the Earth was Flat. H. Flaccus. Carnehan, Peachey Taliaferro : loafer and gentleman at large.

The Courting of Dinah Shadd. Counahan, Nick : a friend of Long Jack and one-time skipper of the Marilla D. Kuhn. CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS. Countess of Stirling : a ship that was lost in two minutes on the 'James and Mary' Sands at Calcutta. An Unqualified Pilot. • Counting-Out Song, A' (724) : 'Eenee, Meenee, Mainee, Mol' 'Courage and Faith': sub-head to chap. 2, FRANCE AT WAR. Corky : nickname for Corkran before he became Stalky. S. : Baxter belonged to this ship. A Flight of Fact. ) Coursing : see 'Verses on Games'.

Guadala, who opens fire on Judson. A lighthouse boat that takes Heldar part of the way on his last trip. THE LIGHT THAT FAILED. Madura : A Menagerie Aboard. Mounted Infantry : The Way That he Took. Camel, The : title of pt. ii of The New Dispensation. when it was reprinted in The Papyrus in America in November 1910. See also, How the Camel Got his Hwnp ; Ramasawmy. Camel Driver, a : takes Heldar on his last joumey. THE LIGHT THAT FAILED. ). Whanghoa : see Erastasius of the " Whanghoa ". Irregular Horse : sends his servant Jenkins for the paper Copper took off the prisoner.

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