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By W. Owen Cole

This dictionary comprises many of the phrases which are relating to Sikhism. even supposing not likely an introductory direction, through interpreting the definitions of such a lot of phrases within the Sikh vocabulary, one will get an idea of what the faith is all approximately, together with its relation to Islam and Hinduism, the 2 comparable faiths of India. The e-book lists the foremost figures in Sikhism, an summary of the historical past of the faith, an inventory of the sacred books, theology and a normal review of the philosophy, either within the advent and within the definitions itself. an exceptional reduction for these attracted to the religion.

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Gi n Literally a person of spiritual knowledge who has achieved unity with God. The term has been used traditionally as a prefix to someone’s name. Now, however, it is also a minor academic qualification in Punjabi language and literature which need not include a study of the Sikh scriptures. The word has lost much of its prestige and respect in recent years. Gobind Si gh, Gur (born 22 December 1666, Guru 11 November 1675–7 to October 1708) Gobind Rai, as he was originally called, succeeded his father, who had been executed in Delhi, to the gaddi in 1675.

Baba Deep Singh announced his intention of liberating the site and rebuilding the temple. With his volunteer army he fought a battle at Guru ka bagh in Amritsar, and though mortally wounded in the neck, managed to reach the precincts of the Darbar Sahib. He died in 1757. Deg Teg Persian words meaning kettle and sword. In Sikhism it signifies the dual responsibility of the Panth to provide food and protection for the needy and oppressed. Guru Gobind Singh spoke of charity, deg, and the kirpan, power, going hand in hand.

Gu k A small anthology of daily and occasional prayers. It may also contain popular hymns for congregational singing. It is treated with considerable respect, often being wrapped in a cloth, kept on a high shelf above other books, and only handled after the hands have been washed. ) Hargobind, Gur (born 14 June 1595, Guru 25 May 1606 to 3 March 1644) At the birth of his only son Guru Arjan composed the following verse: ‘The Sat Guru has sent the child, the long-lived child has been born by destiny.

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