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With each decade of the twentieth century, the Howarth type of archaeologist became steadily rarer and both archaeology and society are the poorer for it. 2 Rediscovering Britain It is curious that, without exception, the numerous people who have written about the history of archaeology in Britain should all have ignored the influence of the railways, not only on the growth of a general interest in the past, but on such matters as attendance at meetings and on the organisation and location of excavations.

In every sense, he was a giant - in stature, in scope and output, in his power of minute analysis combined with the broadest outlook, and above all his gift for tongues. He could, and often did, address scientific meetings in English, French or German almost as fluently and correctly as in his mother tongue; and his knowledge of several other languages enabled him to collect and utilise an enormous amount of European material which is or will be rendered available in a series of volumes, superbly illustrated, and published largely at his own expense.

He had a genius for friendship. Few men can have had so many close friends in such widely different stations of life. ' And of how many of today's scholars and archaeologists could that be truthfully said? The Victorians and their Societies 4. The Right R ev . G. F. Browne, died 1930. 29 'Other archaeologists did not agree with his conclusions, but they were formed after close study and, though often expressed dogmatically, were always provocative of thought and further study. '(p. ) 30 A Social History of Archaeology 1851 Dr Panagiotes Kavvadias 18 d.

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