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When you have ever questioned if there's extra to faith than old rituals, then this ebook is for you. when you have already come to the conclusion that Wicca is the faith for you, then this ebook can help fill in these many blanks which were left by way of different books. Making no try to dictate non secular dogma or regimen, the writer illustrates the various concerns a person's faith may still tackle and indicates how he has came across solutions to these matters in the course of the perform of a latest faith, which has, partially, been dependent on the various oldest ideas of the traditional international. He examines the 4 levels of lifestyles from this attitude. o Maiden and grasp - delivery, Wiccaning, and Self-Dedication. o mom and dad - Initiation, Mating Customs, and being pregnant. o Crone and Sage - Grandchildren, Suicide, and dying. o heart floor - Reincarnation, Summerland, and Winterland.

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Although modern Pagans might run away from this simple technique, it is clear that the ancients embraced such methods as sacred. Bikeh Hozho—Male—North America Found in many Native American tribes as the personification of speech, but most notably in the Navaho creation story where he has human form. Tirawa—Male—North America Pawnee creator and sky god who was said to have either gifted or taught speech to humanity. Vach (Also known as Vac)—Female—Near East Hindu goddess whose name literally means speech.

The number 3 is a magickal number—not because if we make a wish three times it will come true, and not because if we light three green candles we will win the lottery. It is a magick number because it unlocks the totality of that that which we are. It tells us that the whole of our being is mind, body, and soul. It uncovers our very essence and divines our fate. It is the key to understanding our past, present, and future. 55 Liber ab Tres I (Book of Three—Part I) Three is the Number of Humanity r dy rde Bo st O ir eF Th Th e S So ec ul on d Or de r Mind The Third Order The Number of Humanity In the Book of Genesis, we saw three orders of life.

Summer, their daughter, was named the Light half of the year in honor of her Grandfather Light. It was their hope that by naming their son Winter after his grandmother Darkness, those generations to come would understand that although masculine, he would not exist without his feminine half. In like fashion, it was their hope that by naming their daughter Summer after her grandfather Light, those generations to come would understand that although feminine, she would not exist without her masculine half.

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