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As ca lled a hopille or armoured man. -s thai the lDdloonal armou r of helme~ cuit:l$$ and ~a;·ff. all made of bronze. had al~ad)' been adopted, Gra dually the weaponry and armour ~re I mpro~d. By the time of the Persian invasion th.. Juce. rl y d .. ve lo p me nt 11 it I m poS$jbl~ 10 trace the ear ly d ev~lopment of the phalan x. -ou ld d isr upt the fo rmat io n. Ttle Sp

O,·cr the he ad of the next in file. To take u p l h i ~ altitude from 2 would he impos sible as it would leave t he sl"'ar butt roointing for ward . T o do it from J is equally impossi ble "," h a long spear. 'e t IM. right shoulder and then reverse the grip. These moeemems in phalanx wo uld ~Ulre considerable trai ning. >adl)· t rained arm y by' t hc untidy way they pcrfotmed thi s dri lL Training started by leaching t he new re~ cruus 10 march in single file fo llowing t he leader. ll orders were grven by wurd and then executed on a t rum pet sound .

T h is is 1I re mar l:able rnb ure 10 thelr lr3i nlnjt. discipli ne and d evotio n. as In mOSI ane'ent hallies lhe ho r-;emen " 'ere the firsl to flee . Even so. many of lhe fleeing Persi ans were CUI do wn by the lig ht ar med J.. lo" who "'ou ld no w have ru sh ed OUI a hea d of th e adv and ng phalan x, The Spartans, heing the n ea re~ l. W~te the lirst to reac h the Persian camp but they found il imposs ible 10 appro ach the palisade, Later the Athenia ns am ved and tbe "ruggle grew holter.

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