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By Ann Martin Bowler

Were you aware that eighty five years ahead of Columbus stumbled on the United States, chinese language ships longer than a soccer box sailed millions of miles via unknown oceans and visited greater than 30 international locations? it truly is real! Adventures of the Treasure Fleet is the fantastic tale of those seven epic voyages and their larger-than-life commander, Admiral Zheng He.

Beginning in 1405, Admiral Zheng He led greater than three hundred colossal, brightly-painted ships around the South China Sea to the Indian Ocean and the entire solution to the far-off coast of Africa. The admiral and his group battled pirates and raging storms, and have been surprised by means of the folk and methods of lifestyles in far-off lands. At each one port, chinese language items have been traded for pearls, invaluable stones, herbs and drugs that have been given as tribute to China's robust emperor while the ships' lower back home.

Filled with historic evidence, Adventures of the Treasure Fleet brings an exquisite piece of background to lifestyles. Gracefully advised and beautifully...

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And my navy stands behind me. ” Outside, thousands of Chinese soldiers stood ready and huge Treasure of ships filled the harbor. At the signal, they fired flaming cannon balls over the palace. The king was stunned. “Stop firing! ” replied Zheng He. And from that day forward, Siam was a good neighbor to Malacca and sent regular tribute to China’s emperor. The fleet’s next stop was the kingdom of Siam, a fertile land with many followers of the Buddhist religion. The king of Siam rode a white elephant while shaded by an elegant, gold-colored umbrella.

The Chinese developed many different types of weapons through long periods of continuous warfare. They invented the crossbow around 450 BC. Crossbowmen often began battles with a hail of short, deadly arrows. The Chinese also discovered gunpowder in the 8th century. By the 10th century, gunpowder was used in fireworks and weapons. The Chinese invented guns, bombs, and mines. These weapons were not widely in use outside of China at the time, which gave Zheng He’s fleet a huge advantage. The arrows struck their mark!

A huge crowd struggled to get a peek. Leopards, lions, and zebras were brought out and the crowd gasped. ” the emperor said. Then a giraffe lumbered off the ship toward the emperor and the crowd grew silent. Thinking it was a magical unicorn, they bowed low as the creature passed. ” cried the emperor. “It is a sign that Heaven truly looks favorably upon me and my kingdom. ” Each time the Treasure Ships returned to China they were filled with valuable spices, herbs, incense, dyes, medicines, gold, silver, gemstones, pearls, ivory, and many other rare items.

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