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By Peter Mandler, Susan Pedersen, Afterword by Simon Schama Center for European Studies Harvard University

After the Victorians, by using biography, explores how twentieth century British intellectuals how 20th century British intellectuals and social reformers sought to evolve Victorian values to trendy stipulations, by using individuals: Peter Mandler, Susan Pedersen, Seth Koven, Jeffrey Cox, Standish Meacham, Peter Stansky, F. M. Leventhal, Peter Clarke, D. L. LeMahieu, Chris Waters, Simon Schama.

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A woman’s mission is a high one. On her, to a large extent, depends the good and the happiness of the family, and through the family, of the nation…. ”25 Yet Henrietta followed Ruskin to conclusions far different from those of the master himself. Her admiration for women sometimes pushed her beyond notions of complementarity to espouse the position that women were innately superior to men. ”26 And, in marked contrast to Ruskin, she was an enthusiastic and early supporter of women’s suffrage.

Object they might to Labour’s “socialism” and the Tories’ “populism”; they could offer no Third Way. Except, of course, in the sphere of culture: here they retained a hold. But in what form, exactly? 76 In retrospect, however, the division between the species seems less sharp; or perhaps over time, some of the Herbivores had developed a taste for meat. 77 During the first half of this century Britain’s liberal elite learned (if slowly) that they could not remake “the democracy” in their own image, and that the process they sought to direct could dispossess them.

39 She launched an experimental scheme to send London children into the country for summer holidays that later became the immensely successful and long-lived Children’s Country Holiday Fund. Finally, she helped create MABYS, the Metropolitan Association for Befriending Young Servants, a society of lady visitors who advised Poor Law girls as they entered domestic service. Biological motherhood was the one element conspicuously absent from her life during these expansive first years of marriage.

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