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I? Unlike the situation in Brazil and the Caribbean, it is reasonable to conclude that Islam slowly disappeared in the black community during the epoch of slavery. The rise of Islam in twentieth-century black America cannot be attributed to a surfacing of an unbroken underground tradition, although the existence of black Muslim slaves has a given role in the rhetoric of modern black Islamic preachers. An Islamic religious work, written in Arabic by a black slave and Muslim scholar, is for Imam Isa of the Ansaaru Allah Community "evidence that the first language of the Black slaves residing today in America was Arabic and that Al Islaam was their true way of life when in Africa.

26 The obligation of the enlightened blacks of the Diaspora was to return to Africa as redeemers and shed the benevolent light of Christianity and Victorian civilization; only then could Africa awaken after centuries of slumber and recapture its divinely ordained place. Returning to the United States after twenty years of service, Crummell tried to adapt his ideas of civilization, evangelization, and separation to the changing American scene. "2? Crummell had a romantic, idealistic conception of race and was influenced by the works of German theoreticians such as Johann Gottfried von Herder and Friedrich Schleiermacher.

47 With the exception of a few necessary alterations, the lessons are plagiarized verbatim from the Aquarian Gospel. " The Moorish Science Temple taught that Jesus, like all other manifestations of Allah, was black. A passage in the Aquarian Gospel indicating another race for the principal actor is consequently altered. "49 Another feature of the Moorish edition is its selective character. The Crescent of the Occident 41 The Aquarian Gospel is composed of 182 chapters, of which only eighteen are included in the Holy Koran.

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