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By Ruth Cohen

Serious essays at the contemporary Tory executive in Ontario; A Globe and Mail bestseller.

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They'll buy their own health insurance. " I used to fret over how much blame to attach to the people who are running things—you don't want to judge people unfairly. What I know clearly from the Eraser experience is that it doesn't matter. Whether they do what they do out of a stunted world view, or from a demonic, unparalleled arrogance and greed, the 'collateral damage' is the same in either case. What matters is that we understand what they're about. What matters is that we are as passionate about our vision as they are about theirs.

Lower the taxes on the rich and on corporations. High taxes on us lead to a lower income, which reduces our incentive to work and invest. So, make the rich richer and they'll work harder, invest more and create jobs. (Of course, as every— 40 — one knows, if you make the poor richer, they will work less. So to get the poor to work harder, cut their wages; to make the rich work harder, raise their incomes. ) So raise the taxes on the poor. Sales taxes will hit them every time they shop. And while we're at it, tax services too.

This pronouncement set the tone and groundwork for what was to come. Ontario has endured an amazing shake-up since the election. The Tories have seized control of education, chopped school boards and tried to remove their taxation powers. They've amalgamated cities, slashed funds to social agencies and reduced welfare benefits. Now they're re-jigging every aspect of how the province and municipalities deliver services. They're even taking such extreme steps as closing hospitals, downsizing the environment ministry, charging drug fees to seniors and staring down the unions (particularly the teachers).

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