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By Blasi, J., Anthony J. Blasi

First ever selection of histories of yank sociology of faith, together with money owed of early dissertations alterations in thought, and stories of denominations, globalization, feminism, new religions and Latino/a American faith.

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In America the initial disapproval of slavery gave way before opposition; ministers who openly agitated against slavery were expelled. This changed in 1844, provoking a split into Northern and Southern Churches. Meanwhile, the Church had been creating Sunday schools, academies, and colleges as institutions for the basic education of the poor. In the late nineteenth century, the American church took up a social view of good and evil. Methodist writers began citing two Congregational clergymen—Washington Gladden and Josiah Strong—and an Episcopal layman-economist—Richard T.

It also reÁected the strong American belief in the possibilities of progress through human effort—a belief shared by many early American the theoretical trajectory 47 sociologists. However, resistance to this social Gospel movement was manifested in the rise of fundamentalism. The long-term legacy of the conÁict between secular modernists and religious fundamentalists is still evident in the early years of the twenty-Àrst century, as will be discussed below, even though the speciÀc issues have changed.

He describes a rural settlement in Àve counties in central Kansas that originated in 1873. There were some 15,000 Mennonites in a local total population of 25,000. Most were descendents of immigrants from Russia who spoke Low German. About two-thirds were church members in 47 congregations distributed among Àve different church conferences. ) Three chapters provide a history of the Kansas Mennonites. Chapter two traces the early Anabaptist history and the inÁuence of Meno Simons (1496–1561) in the Netherlands.

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