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By William Roy Shelton

Precise background of the yank house application to 1967. 367 pages. Hardcover. Little, Brown and corporate.

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When had a story in his pocket that last the United States Halbe climbed down from launching an earth By a fortunate that ship's mast he went around the world. At definite steps toward was taking satellite. S. space port. The day after the shoot I landed at our missile ob- Grand Bahama Island, where the commander gave me a tour of the brand-new Van- servation station on base guard tracking talked to two installations. technicians tracked the rocket. Back men invited me to his Returning on the plane, who told first round test a small how just they had Cape Canaveral one of the at home, where for two hours cussed the shoot with his three learned for the me I I dis- Vanguard roommates.

Bigger, longer-range cruise missile was the SM-62 Northrup Snark, which in the early days at the Cape rose from its "zero-length launcher" near the lighthouse with the roaring, two-pronged flame of its rocket boosters A Martin iMatador takes off fanning out on both sides of the slender, winged After getting the Snark in the off to plow into the air, Cape sand missile. the boosters tumbled like twin motor while the sixty-nine-foot Snark, powered by sand-pound-thrust Pratt and Whitney jet, a shells, ten-thou- angled up into the heavens for flights of three thousand to five thousand miles range.

S. rocket launches in the secret affairs. which were military weapons the tight control of the Force. There was no such thing or any other civilian space agency; of The Army, — were Navy and under the Air World Airways, who the base with security police. no the all as rockets — contractor responsible for running the rocket range was Pan American leases, fifties There were no TV coverage and no briefings. ringed press re- Severe penalties — THE ON THE PAD who existed for those MIGHTY ATLAS | 2^ even discussed generally our rocket programs.

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