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By Martin J. Wiener

An Empire on Trial is the 1st publication to discover the difficulty of interracial murder within the British Empire in the course of its peak - interpreting those incidents and the prosecution of such instances in each one of 7 colonies scattered in the course of the global. It uncovers and analyzes the tensions of empire that underlay British rule and delves into how the matter of keeping a liberal empire manifested itself within the past due 19th and early 20th centuries. The paintings demonstrates the significance of the techniques of felony justice to the heritage of the empire and the benefit of a trans-territorial method of knowing the complexities and nuances of its workings. An Empire on Trial is of curiosity to these fascinated about race, empire, or legal justice, and to historians of recent Britain or of colonial Australia, India, Kenya, or the Caribbean. Political and postcolonial theorists writing on liberalism and empire, or race and empire, also will locate this booklet helpful.

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A series of well-publicized murder trials in the 1870s and 1880s firmly put merchant shipmasters on warning to rein in their resort to force, whether against British or foreign crewmen, including men of color. The first murder case at the Old Bailey with a lascar victim took place in the same year that Captain Barnes found himself imprisoned. Captain Horatio Walters, a 32-year-old American, was charged in 1874 with causing the death of three Indian seamen on a voyage from a Burmese port to London.

Although it guarded its ultimate authority, and required Governors to use the telegraph to check with it whenever possible before making decisions, the Colonial Office was prepared to go along with Governors. ”41 39 40 41 See Anthony Kirk-Greene, Britain’s Imperial Administrators, 1858–1966 (Oxford, 2000). See Mark Francis, “Colonial Political Culture and the Mentality of British Governors, 1825–1860,” Political Science [Wellington, New Zealand] 38 (1986), 133–146. Blakeley, op. , p. 117. 16 An Empire on Trial Much of the political dynamics of a colony was thus shaped by individuals – sometimes by chief justices but, most of all, by Governors.

27 “You have numbers of 26 27 The Times, 1 Mar. 1853, p, 7. The grand jury apparently “no-billed” this particular indictment, for it never came to trial. Isaac Land has argued by contrast that arguments by seamen and their sympathizers against brutal discipline built their case on a sharpened distinction between white Britons, who had the full rights of Englishmen against such treatment, and other races and nationalities, who did not, and thus that the eventual abolition of flogging was inseparable from intensified British racism [“Customs of the Sea: Flogging, Empire, and the ‘True British Seaman’ 1770 to 1870,” Interventions 3 (2001), 169–185].

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